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When we think of songwriter Woody Guthrie, rousing tunes about social justice or the Dust Bowl probably spring to mind. How about Hanukkah ditties? Well, when The Klezmatics bring their “Happy, Joyous Hanukkah” concert to Stanford on Thursday, Dec. 14, Guthrie’s songs honoring the Jewish holiday will be in the forefront. Guthrie’s daughter Nora uncovered long-lost lyrics her father had written and never put to use. She asked if The Klezmatics might be interested in turning some of them into complete songs. They jumped at the chance and the first batch resulted in the Grammy-winning album “Wonder Wheel.”.

Then came The Klezmatics’ “Woody Guthrie’s Happy, Joyous Hanukkah” album, Two of the songs had basic tunes — “Hanukkah Dance” and “The Many and the Few.” For the rest, the music had to be invented from scratch, In some cases, the lyrics were finished, in others, they hadn’t gone through any editing, “It was inspirational,” said Klezmatics founding member Lorin Sklamberg, vocalist and accordionist, when reached by phone at his New York residence, “because most of the lyrics gold bridal wedding shoes/women indian gold lehnga jutti shoes/punjabi wedding flats/ballet flats/bollywood shoes/khussa shoes/p that we were working with hadn’t been heard before, hadn’t made any sort of public appearance before, So it was a wonderful opportunity for us.”..

Approaching the task, Sklamberg felt no trepidation. “We just had a lot of fun with it. I think Woody would have enjoyed a lot of what we did with his lyrics,” said Sklamberg, whose mom played him Guthrie’s children’s songs when he was a tot. Sklamberg went on to sing Guthrie’s classics in high school. Sklamberg said these Hanukkah songs reflect where Guthrie was, physically and emotionally, at that point in his life, in the 1940s. He was living with his family in a Jewish enclave near Coney Island.

“He was certainly influenced by his mother-in-law, who was Aliza Greenblatt, this Yiddish poet and activist,” Sklamberg said, “These songs are very sweet and his own take on the whole Hanukkah story and customs and rituals.“, As with most of The Klezmatics’ music, the sound blends Eastern European energy with other world music influences, “Given the members of the band, each has a pretty large palette from which to work,” Sklamberg said, “We have all these different musical languages we speak, And Woody himself didn’t live in a vacuum, He not only heard American folk songs, but also a lot of world music through his involvement in the New York City folk scene, And so I think it’s something that he would definitely have identified gold bridal wedding shoes/women indian gold lehnga jutti shoes/punjabi wedding flats/ballet flats/bollywood shoes/khussa shoes/p with, the different musical influences that we drew on, I think he would have enjoyed that.”..

Sklamberg pointed out that there isn’t a wealth of traditional Hanukkah songs, compared to other Jewish holidays and festivals. “One of the reasons Hanukkah has become more important in the United States is simply its proximity to Christmas. In the Jewish world, Passover has a lot more of a musical history. Anything we can do to contribute to the canon of Hanukkah songs, we’re happy to do.”. At Stanford, The Klezmatics will also perform a couple of numbers from “Wonder Wheel,” as well as songs from the band’s latest album, “Apikorsim/Heretics.”.

For gold bridal wedding shoes/women indian gold lehnga jutti shoes/punjabi wedding flats/ballet flats/bollywood shoes/khussa shoes/p more than 30 years with The Klezmatics, Sklamberg has made the vibrant klezmer genre relevant to modern audiences, “It sounds like home to me, It sounds like where I’m from, It has a certain familiarity and comfort for me that I haven’t found anyplace else.”, Even listeners who don’t have a similar background find that the music reaches them on an emotional level, “If the music is good and you’re playing it with your heart, people understand it, whether or not they technically comprehend the actual words you’re singing,” Sklamberg said..

Political and social commentary also plays an important role in The Klezmatics’ music. “Given the opportunity, I think you have to express who you are and what you believe in. Certainly it’s true of what we sing. Ideologically, we stand behind what have written and recorded. “Once we got the basic elements of the musical language and style under our belts, we felt compelled to really approach the music as personal statements, both musical and in terms of world view. We just want to have fun and be true to ourselves as musicians. And so far it’s working.”.

The band consistently earns enthusiastic responses from crowds, “I hope the audience enjoys themselves,” Sklamberg said, “I hope they’re inspired to sing along, I hope they’re inspired to listen to more of what we do and also to check out some of our colleagues who play the same kind of music, “If they gold bridal wedding shoes/women indian gold lehnga jutti shoes/punjabi wedding flats/ballet flats/bollywood shoes/khussa shoes/p have the opportunity to sing Yiddish songs or world music songs, I hope that they like them, learn them, sing them with other people and pass them on, I appreciate having the opportunity to share music I love with other people.”..

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