Ghostek Nautical Series iPhone X Waterproof Case - Red - On Sale

Shield your precious iPhone X on both land and at sea with the extremely tough, yet incredibly stylish Nautical Series Waterproof case from Ghostek in red. Protecting your iPhone X from depths of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.Waterproof, dustproof and shock resistantThe Nautical Series case equips your iPhone X with tough, rugged protection against the elements whilst keeping your phone looking and feeling the way that Apple intended. The 3 slim layers combine perfectly to provide the ultimate way to protect your iPhone X from dangers on land and sea. Completely waterproof down to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30minutes, the Ghostek Nautical allows your phone to get wet, without getting ruined. Battling all elements, the Nautical case from Ghostek is truly ready for an adventure, making it the perfect case for any outdoor enthusiast and for those who want to safe-guard their precious iPhone X from the rigors and strains or day-to-day life.Complete all round waterproof protection for your iPhone XProviding total protection for your iPhone X, the Nautical Waterproofcase from Ghostek wraps your iPhone X from head to toe in order to keep it safe both in and out of water. The case's strong and durable three layer body design even features abuilt-in screen protector that offers fantastic resistance and sublime style.3layers of full body protectionThe Nautical Series Waterproof case protects your iPhone Xwhilecomplimenting its sleek aesthetics. With threelayers of body protection, the Nauticalcase fully encasesyour phone, keeping it looking and feeling the way the phone manufacturer originallyintended as well as providing tough, rugged full-body protection.Slim and lightweight designThanks to Ghostek you'll no longer need to compromise on whether to get a protective case or a nice thin case. With the Nautical Seriesyou can have both thanks to the case'sclear backed design thatcombines perfectlywith the slim layers, whichmakes for a fantastic looking case that still provides excellent all round protection.Port and jack covers protect and provide quick accessThe headphone and charging ports within the Nautical Series tough waterproof case are protected by silicon plugs that keep out unwanted dust,grit and water whilst still providing accessibility in an instant.

You can hookup the V2 directly to your computer or phone's headphone jack, or to the analog outputs of a digital converter, like my $99 Schiit Audio Modi. It's quiet enough to work with in-ear headphones (some tube amps are not), so I used my Velodyne vPulse and Hifiman RE-400 in-ear headphones, no problem. I mostly listened to the Bravo V2 with Audio Technica ATH M50x and Hifiman HE-400 full-size headphones. Those are low-impedance (under 40 Ohms) headphones, so I also tried my 300 Ohm Sennheiser HD-580 'phones. The Bravo V2 worked well with all of them.

I'm left-handed so the close proximity of the volume control and headphone jack was a minor annoyance as I had to reach over the headphone plug to adjust the volume, Using my right hand to adjust volume solved that problem, The tiny toggle on/off power switch on the Bravo ghostek nautical series iphone x waterproof case - red V2's backside is a tad inconvenient, but you get used to it, The Bravo V2 had plenty of power to push all of the headphones to very loud volume levels, Bass oomph was good, but not great, To put the Bravo V2's sound in context I compared it with the $99 Schiit Audio Magni solid-state headphone amp, The Magni's less bright balance produced a more laid-back sound quality, which I liked, but the Bravo V2's livelier sound was also attractive, There was more energy and detail coming off the Bravo V2, but the Magni's sound balance worked better with in-ear headphones than the Bravo V2, Hey, it's a $70 amp, you can't expect miracles..

You can subscribe to the Audiophiliac RSS feed here. Priced just under $75, the tricked out Bravo Audio V2 will look sharp on your desktop. When it comes to decent sounding, high-value gear, it's usually not much to look at. So when I first spotted the Bravo Audio V2 I did a double take -- this pint-sized tube headphone amp looked awesome. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

After describing the last year as "phenomenal" for Microsoft, Parker said that the company has its eye on mobile, "Mobile-first, cloud-first" was how Parker, echoing new CEO Satya Nadella, described Microsoft's vision for the future -- a future in which Windows was the main driver of "ubiquitous computing" including, to use Parker's phrasing, "the devices we carry on us, as opposed ghostek nautical series iphone x waterproof case - red to with us."Tony Prophet, vice president of Windows marketing, hit the stage next, Prophet said that 1.5 billion Windows devices are in use every day, The next billion devices, according to Prophet, will come from Microsoft fostering opportunities in its ecosystem with partners, along with accelerating its innovation, The company is aiming to break free of old patterns of development cycles, offering instead regular "feature-rich" updates to its software, not just patches and bug fixes..

At its heart, Microsoft's strategy seems to be one of offering a common Windows experience across multiple devices for the individual user. That includes cloud-based services working across the entire Microsoft ecosystem, but also the new Universal Windows apps spoken about at Build 14 earlier in the year. These are conceived as a way for developers to create apps that work consistently across phone, tablet, hybrid and desktop. Users would be able to buy an app once and have it work consistently across all Windows devices.

Microsoft's global product market manager, Nick Hedderman, then launched a slightly confusing demonstration of the recent changes made to Windows and Windows Phone, such as the ability to pin apps to the taskbar, slightly better mouse and keyboard integration from the start screen and, of course, Cortana on mobile , While most of the demo wasn't anything that hadn't seen before, he did look at the Windows Files application -- the first first-party file ghostek nautical series iphone x waterproof case - red manager on any mobile device, according to Hedderman..

The Internet of Things got its obligatory mention, with Prophet suggesting that Windows was already the perfect system for running a world of connected devices. A little more interestingly, Prophet did note that Microsoft will build a connectivity suite using Microsoft Azure to make it easier for Windows devices to communicate with non-Windows ones in the Internet of Things. With a vision of Windows as an OS capable of offering a unified experience across all type of device, CNET asked Parker at a later press event if he saw a time when Microsoft wouldn't want to work with other operating systems in dual OS devices.

Windows/Android dual boots are nothing new after all, with Asus even launching a new one -- the Transformer Book V -- earlier at Computex, The response was suitably guarded, with Parker carefully avoiding any opportunity to put the boot into Android, "Usually with dual OS devices, it's usually been about providing a user with different capabilities," Parker said, "Whether it's the idea that you want you an environment ghostek nautical series iphone x waterproof case - red that's purely about the consuming media or whether you want to be in a mode where you can crank out word documents or anywhere in between..

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