Ghostek Exec 3 iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case - Black - On Sale

The Exec premium case in black provides your iPhone XS Max with fantastic protection. Also featuring storage slots for your credit cards, ID and cash.Complete all round protection for your iPhone XS Max, Providing total protection for your iPhone XS Max, the Execcase from Ghostek wraps your phone from top to bottomin order to keep it safe from the rigours of day to day use. The case's strong and beautiful design combined with the includedscreen protector offers fantastic resistance and sublime style.Hybrid construction for flexible, sturdy defence, The Ghostek Exec case combines the best qualities of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and PC (polycarbonate). The former contributes to a flexible, malleable form-fitting body, while the latter adds a hard, sturdy bumper which keeps your device safe from shocks.Credit & cash storage slots, With this case you can leave your wallet at home thanks to the credit card slots featured on the case. This makes it the perfect case for when you're popping out to the shops, going out in the evening or even if you just prefer to travel light. Store your credit / debit cards, train tickets, ID and cash simply and easily all within your genuine leather case for your iPhone XS Max.Raised bezel keeps your display safe when face down, If you're in full work mode and need to minimise disruption, you might want to keep your iPhone XS Maxface down so the screen doesn't disturb you. The raised bezel on the Ghostek Exec will keep your screen safe from scratches and scrapes, so you can keep your head down without worrying about your phone.Access to ports and features, The Ghostek Exec Wallet Case optimises functionality to all of the iPhone XS Max'sports and features, including the charging port, volume keys, power button and more.

A year later, he still hasn't spoken to Apple's CEO. The cold shoulder hasn't prevented Gascon and other government officials from trying to push through a law that would require smartphone makers to include that kind of software in their devices. A proposal for one such bill is expected to come up for a vote on Thursday before California's state senate. The law, spearheaded by Gascon and California State Sen. Mark Leno, would mandate so-called " kill switch" technology, requiring smartphone makers like Apple to include software that lets users wipe clean, or remove all their data from the phone remotely. That basically renders the phone inoperable if stolen. It's part of a nascent national push by other state law enforcement agencies, with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman -- who has worked closely with Gascon -- leading the charge in New York.

After writing two letters to Cook, Gascon, who served as chief of the San Francisco Police Department before becoming the city's DA in 2011, eventually met with Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell to discuss a solution for what Gascon calls an "epidemic." One in every three robberies in the United States involves the theft of a mobile device, according to the Federal Communications Commission, On Gascon's home turf, over half of thefts involve phones or tablets, And ghostek exec 3 iphone xs max wallet case - black across the bay in the city of Oakland, that number jumps up to more than 75 percent..

Apple in September added an anti-theft feature to its Find My iPhone app -- which uses GPS tracking to locate a lost phone -- called "activation lock." The new feature makes it harder for someone to use a stolen phone by requiring a user's Apple ID and password before they can turn off Find My iPhone's tracking, sign out of Apple's iCloud online storage service, and reactivate a locked phone. Earlier this month, Samsung launched its own anti-theft feature called "reactivation lock," which prevents a locked phone from being made operable again, even through a factory reset.

Apple, the world's No, 2 ghostek exec 3 iphone xs max wallet case - black maker of smartphones behind Samsung, did not return request a for comment, Samsung declined to comment, There has also been pushback from the wireless carrier industry, which argues that mandating "kill switch" technology leaves consumers vulnerable to hackers who could maliciously wipe away a phone's data, However, government officials have said the wireless industry's resistance has to do with money, specifically losing business from insurance partners, "It's an industry not being transparent," Gascon told CNET..

The CTIA, a trade organization that represents the wireless telecom industry, declined to make Chief Executive Steve Largent available for this story. Last week, the CTIA announced a pledge ensuring a "baseline anti-theft tool" will come preloaded or be available for download on phones made and sold by participating handset makers and carriers, including Apple, Samsung, Google (which makes the widely-used Android mobile operating system), AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. While government officials applauded the move, their biggest qualm is that the antitheft measures remain opt-in. Because they're not automatically turned on, consumers may forget to activate them -- which defeats the purpose of having the software there as a deterrent for criminals.

In an hour-long interview at San ghostek exec 3 iphone xs max wallet case - black Francisco's Hall of Justice on April 21, Gascon, who uses an iPhone, talked about how he came to the issue, Here are edited excerpts from the conversation, CNET: What compelled you to take the lead on smartphone theft?, Gascon: Back in the fall of 2012, I continued to see the growth of cell phone robberies, and the impact it was having on people here in the city, and the impact it was having on our work, And based on my experience back in the '90s and dealing with automobile manufacturers and looking at how to make it more difficult to steal stereo systems from cars, and remembering how that whole process took place, as well as theft deterrent, having auto manufacturers agree to put more theft deterrence in their vehicles, I started to talk to some people in the industry, engineer types, about the idea of a kill switch..

As a former chief of police, in policing, you see how people get hurt by crime in a very real way. You see people physically hurt, when they're in a lot of pain. By the time they get to the D.A. and to the court, usually weeks, a month, has gone by and everything is more sterile. As a police officer, you see it firsthand, and it leaves a very different imprint in your mind. Who did you reach out to?. Gascon: In December of 2012, I reached out to AT&T, to have a conversation with the industry. That led to a conference call with the CTIA and the big carriers -- AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. During that conversation in January 2012, basically, CTIA took the lead in the conversation, and what the CTIA representative indicated was a couple of thing. Number one: the technology to do this was not available today, and number two: if it were available, it would certainly be up to the manufacturers to make this happen.

[The four carriers did not respond to requests for comment.], So we finished the conversation basically in agreement that I needed to go to the manufactures, and if they were able to come up with the solution, than the carriers would embrace it, That led me to reach out to apple first, I reached ghostek exec 3 iphone xs max wallet case - black out to Apple, Google and Samsung, but Apple was really my primary focus early on, Primarily because they were a local company, and that was one of the biggest problems here, for us, regionally, Did you talk to Tim Cook?..

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