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“He was just a very loving guy,’’ Derek said. “He was very sweet and very kind.’’. Roy and Irma Bowman. Roy and Irma Bowman would go on regular walks in their Redwood Valley neighborhood, always holding hands. Roy, 88, called his wife “Lollipop.” Irma, 89, regarded him as her knight in shining armor. The couple died early Monday when flames from the voracious Redwood Fire engulfed their neighborhood. The fire destroyed their Fisher Lake Drive home, which was decorated with Irma’s pencil and charcoal drawings of houses, animals and landscapes, as well as her sculptures of a baby zebra and giraffe.

Roy, a native of Falls City, Oregon, grew up on his family’s Oregon flat wedding shoes white bridal flats wedding flat shoes wedding ballet flats wedding flats wedding shoes flats leather wedding cattle ranch, He earned a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University and served in the U.S, Air Force, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel, After leaving the military, he became a soils scientist, working for the government, Irma was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and attended Palomar College in San Diego County, The couple met at a square dance in San Marcos, They moved to Redwood Valley in the 1970s, They were mainstays of the First Assembly of God Church of Ukiah, where they quietly supported those in need and helped found a Spanish-speaking ministry..

Besides her graphic arts, Irma was known as a talented cook and baker. Her turkey dinners included homemade buns — “the best things I ever had in my mouth,” daughter-in-law Elizabeth Bowman said. Irma baked tiered wedding cakes for both her sons’ weddings. And for her granddaughter’s fifth birthday she crafted an elaborate cake shaped as a colonial-era dress, fashioned around a doll in the center. “She should have had her own bakery because she was so talented,” Bowman said.

Losing the couple has come as a real shock, Bowman said, “We loved them very much, flat wedding shoes white bridal flats wedding flat shoes wedding ballet flats wedding flats wedding shoes flats leather wedding They’re going to be very missed.”, Roy and Irma are survived by sons and daughters-in-law Mark and Ginger Bowman of Waco, Texas, and Gary and Elizabeth Bowman of Medford, Oregon; and five grandchildren, Services are pending, Sandra Picciano, Sandra Picciano, 77, attempted to escape the fire in her truck just after midnight Monday, neighbors told the Sacramento Bee, Picciano, 77, drove her truck off the road not too far from where she lived, in the town of Loma Rica, The car caught fire and she was unable to escape, Neighbors told The New York Times that Picciano enjoyed tending to neighborhood animals..

Carol Collins-Swasey. Carol Collins-Swasey’s recent trip to Costa Rica was only one of the many adventures in her 76 years, a close friend said Friday. “She just loved to travel. She’s been to Peru, she’s been to China. She’s practically been all over the world,” said Staci Reupke. The two friends — Collins-Swasey a real estate agent and Reupke a medical assistant for Kaiser Permanente — met in the Santa Rosa thrift store where Collins-Swasey volunteered on Sundays and Reupke would come in to browse.

“I would see her every Sunday,” Reupke said, “I didn’t get to see her last Sunday, and I thought I’d just see her next Sunday, But there’s not going to be any more Sundays.”, Collins-Swasey’s home was filled with Native Americanartifacts — and cats, “She had four feral cats,” Reupke said, “Those were her fur-babies.”, Reupke described her late friend as straightforward, intelligent and strong, “She had such a love of life, flat wedding shoes white bridal flats wedding flat shoes wedding ballet flats wedding flats wedding shoes flats leather wedding Her mind was just incredible,” Reupke said, “She was direct and honest and she shot from the hip — what you see is what you get, There was a kindness about her, too, She was loving.”..

Reupke plans to frame the photo she had taken recently of the two friends at the thrift shop, and bring it to the shop so it can be displayed. “She was taken from us far too soon,” Reupke said. “I’m going  to miss her so much.”. Veronica Elizabeth McCombs. Veronica, 67, and her husband Don were getting ready to celebrate a wedding anniversary before the Santa Rosa fire tore their lives apart. Too emotional to speak about the loss of his wife, Don McCombs could only say that Veronica was “a great mother” to their two kids.

The Santa Rosa family said they’re planning to issue a statement about Veronica early next week, Carmen Berriz, Carmen Berriz, 75, died in the arms of her husband, Armando, in the pool behind the Santa Rosa house they rented for a wine country vacation, Armando survived, Carmen, who had a history of lung problems, did not, The couple’s daughter and son-in-law, who had flat wedding shoes white bridal flats wedding flat shoes wedding ballet flats wedding flats wedding shoes flats leather wedding also been at the house, managed to escape by car, but Carmen and Armando were trapped and could not get out, “It hit the ground and just blew up,” the son-in-law, Luis Ocon, told the San Francisco Chronicle..

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