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What Prince Salman, PIF managing director Yasir al-Rumayyan and other officials of the fund decide will be crucial to Musk’s take-private effort. Musk said on Monday that al-Rumayyan had voiced support for Tesla going private and that talks with the PIF, along with other investors, were continuing. Spokesmen for the fund, as well as Saudi government officials, have so far declined any comment on Musk’s statements. But bankers familiar with the secretive PIF said on Tuesday they had seen no sign yet of it preparing to commit to a Tesla deal.

Those bankers added that although the fund is huge, many of its assets are not liquid and readily available cash is limited, The PIF said last October that it had some $230 billion of assets under management, and analysts think this figure has now probably swelled to more than $250 billion, largely as a result of a rise in the Saudi stock market, But stock exchange data shows $140 billion or more of the PIF’s assets are in big Saudi companies such crystal step black cufflinks as Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC) and National Commercial Bank..

These could not be monetized quickly without driving down prices in the local stock market, while selling many of them would conflict with another of the PIF’s declared roles, to helps Saudi firms “grow into regional and global leaders”. Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia’s illiquid market, selling real estate to raise money does not look like a near-term option. “The PIF is not nearly as liquid as people might like to think,” an international banker who deals with the fund said.

However, the PIF may get two infusions of cash in the coming months and is seeking to raise between $6 billion crystal step black cufflinks and $8 billion in its first commercial loan, sources have told Reuters, adding that there was no mention of any acquisition linked to the debt, And national oil giant Saudi Aramco said last month it was working on a possible purchase of a strategic stake in SABIC from the PIF, A complete purchase of the PIF’s 70 percent holding would give the fund about $70 billion, Bankers expect the Aramco purchase to take at least several months to negotiate, however, and the PIF has already committed itself to large projects planned to stimulate the Saudi economy..

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman said on Wednesday he expected problems with the United States, which helped drive the lira to record lows, to be resolved but Washington must stop trying to influence Turkey’s judiciary. Ibrahim Kalin also told a news conference that Turkey would exercise its rights if the U.S. does not deliver F-35 jets to Ankara. The lira, which has rallied after hitting a record low of 7.24 to the dollar, would continue to recover, he said.

SINGAPORE/BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese oil importers are shying away from buying U.S, crude as they fear Beijing’s decision to exclude the commodity from its tariff list in a trade dispute between the world’s biggest economies may only be temporary, Not a single tanker has loaded crude oil from the United States crystal step black cufflinks bound for China since the start of August, Thomson Reuters Eikon ship tracking data showed, compared with about 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) in June and July, The United States and China have been locked in a tit-for-tat trade spat over the last few months, but crude was dropped from China’s final list of tariffs on $16 billion in U.S, goods announced last week..

The move underscored the growing importance of the United States as a key global oil producer and critical alternative supply source for top importer China. However, would-be buyers in China fret the commodity could be used as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with Washington, potentially getting added to tariff lists if the trade conflict takes a turn for the worse. “Since it takes months to get U.S. crude (to China) .. this (not buying U.S. shipments) is a precautionary measure to avoid any distressed selling in case the government puts tariffs on U.S. crude oil,” said Sushant Gupta, research director at energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie.

A source with a Chinese refiner said the company was “watching and seeing” how the situation develops before placing new orders for U.S, oil, He declined to be identified as he was not authorized to speak with media, That comes after the country’s main oil importer, Unipec, earlier this crystal step black cufflinks month suspended shipments from the United States, Another petroleum source familiar with the Chinese market said U.S, crude may have been left off the tariff list to “facilitate clearing shipments” that have already been committed to..

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