Case For Apple iPhone X And Xs - Rose Gold Waterfall - On Sale

Protect your Apple iPhone X and XS with this Case-Mate Waterfall case. It's accented with rose gold glitter inside mineral oil for a sparkling waterfall effect, and it has a shock absorbing bumper and dual-layer construction to protect against impact damage. This Case-Mate Waterfall case has a slim fit to safeguard your device without adding bulk.

We're at that user moment where we have enough meaning in terms of scale there. So then you start to focus on things like monetization. How are monetization efforts going so far?Cahan: We launched a product called Gemini. Gemini is a big bet on our part on where we think mobile advertising in particular, but advertising in general, is going. And it basically comes down to a couple of simple ideas. One is, one marketplace. Have a consolidated place where, whether you're bidding on search or what we call native ads, that it's all coming under one marketplace. Two is, we think native ads are really the future of where we think mobile monetization is going. And the reason we called it Gemini is, it's a twin. It's supposed to feel for the user like it's part of the experience.

One of the things that was broken early on in mobile was we were bringing a lot of the desktop metaphors to our devices, Quite literally, we were taking the display ad and shrinking it, and sticking it on the screen, To me, that's a broken metaphor, That's a miss, You're really not looking at the context of what a user is doing, the experience of what a user is doing, and saying how do I make it feel like it's part of the experience, case for apple iphone x and xs - rose gold waterfall I think we're seeing tremendous strides there, And I'm a big believer..

Can you share numbers or advertising partners on Gemini?Cahan: In general, I would say that mobile will out-monetize desktop. On an RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) basis, you can actually see that it's more valuable. It's a highly targeted personal device. The real estate in there should be more valuable. Intuitively, it seems right. Yahoo has bought a lot of companies. You've got 500 mobile engineers now, up from around three dozen two years ago. What are some of the benefits and challenges of a team growing so quickly?Cahan: When we started, we asked ourselves about a couple of guiding principles. Hey, is mobile going to be big? Turns out, it's going to be big. There's a platform shift coming. That's where users are. Are we there?.

Then we started asking ourselves, who builds mobile products at Yahoo? And we came to this startling situation where we could really only identify about 37 people in a company of about 12,000 to 13,000, and it was astounding, And we came to that realization that, wow, we are late to the game, Let's just case for apple iphone x and xs - rose gold waterfall acknowledge we are 12 months -- maybe 18 months -- late to the game, We need to play really rapid scale catch-up, In order for us to build products, we need to have people, We have to have extraordinarily talented engineers, designers, product managers who can deliver and create these product experiences, And we used talent acquisition as one of those ways of getting us to scale..

Acquisitions have come in many different forms..not all acquisitions are the same. There's a very big difference between what you might describe as a transformative acquisition -- something like Tumblr. A billion dollar acquisition. They had user growth and penetration, and they were going to be and are a very big business. I would tell you that Summly -- the summarization technology that's responsible for News Digest -- Aviate, IQ engines, we have a bunch of these that are focused on technology that we really wanted to use and scale. And then there's talent. That's, "Wow, we really love this team and they really know how to do stuff together. We'd love to bring them on board."That's kind of the spectrum. The vast majority have been, by the numbers, talent deals. And so what do we do? Step one is, we have to figure out if folks are talented. We have a screening process. We have technical reviews and other things to vet folks. But then it's a cultural fit. Are we excited about the same kinds of things? Here's the stuff that we're working on. Is that the stuff that you're excited about doing?.

How hands-on is Marissa Mayer with product releases?Cahan: Very, In the sense that, for all of us, she provides the final editorial decision, There are times when the answer is no, But, it happens, Essentially, she's the editor in chief who makes it all work, Any examples of that?Cahan: Every time we go in for a product review there are refinements, There's never a first-time "You're good to case for apple iphone x and xs - rose gold waterfall go." Products are an interesting evolution on how you get to that state, They start with philosophy and perspective, but how you bring that to life is an iterative process..

Every experience has, "You know, this isn't really quite working." And sometimes for me, even as a product leader, I need that. I need that extra set of eyes that isn't as steeped in it, and hasn't been looking at it every day for N number of months. I need an outside perspective that looks at it fresh and says, "Hmm, I hear you but actually that's not working. You're telling me it will do this, and it's not doing that." We value that feedback a lot. She plays a very strong role in terms of that product leadership.

The other thing I would say is, as a company, I do think there is a lot to be said case for apple iphone x and xs - rose gold waterfall about a CEO and what their background is, In my opinion, the best companies are either founder-led or product-led, And it's a very different thing if you look at the top of a company and it's not somebody in that state, I think the companies that we would point to that are most innovative and are the most exceptional in that regard typically have a product leader or founder at the head, Yahoo will get a lot of cash -- from $10 billion to $12 billion by some estimates -- after Alibaba goes public, What are your thoughts about another big acquisition?Cahan: That's really a Marissa and Ken Goldman [Yahoo's CFO] question, When you look at how they've answered it, I think they've been pretty straightforward around what our expectations are, So, I'm not going to say anything that's different from what they've said..

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