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A company spokesperson said in response to the poll that DingTalk provided an effective communications tool for the workplace. “DingTalk has many satisfied customers using our tool in Asia, Europe and the U.S., which points to its success and customer satisfaction.”. The spokesperson also said that DingTalk had security technology built into the app to protect the privacy of employees and companies’ confidential corporate data. “DingTalk has not only helped companies improve workflow efficiency through a unified communications platform, but also encouraged transparency and accountability within the workplace.”.

DingTalk sprang from Alibaba’s unsuccessful attempt to challenge the WeChat instant messenger of its arch-rival, Tencent Holdings Ltd, the service’s chief executive, Wu Zhao, said in an interview, “We came to understand that we did not understand social media platforms,” Wu said at DingTalk’s buffalo bills cufflinks offices in Hangzhou, where Alibaba has its headquarters, Instead, Wu’s team sought another niche, tackling a common managerial complaint in China: workers who fail to reply to messages and later feign ignorance..

The driving force behind DingTalk’s growth has been solving the organizational concerns of Chinese firms and providing - for free - a platform that gives companies a level of efficiency similar to Alibaba’s, Wu said. “What Jack Ma said to me was: ‘Wu Zhao, helping small and medium enterprises is our company’s mission. You go do that; don’t concern yourself with making money’,” he said. Asked about DingTalk’s business model, Wu said the company was focusing on helping companies become transparent and efficient, rather than making a profit.

The app’s basic features are all free, but users have to pay for hardware and additional cloud storage or conference call minutes, as well as for third party services, Alibaba does not specify DingTalk’s revenue in its financial statements, Wu is aware of the backlash DingTalk is facing, but says the problem is a “toxic work culture at some companies” and misuse by some employers, “The tool itself is not the problem; the way it is used is buffalo bills cufflinks the problem,” he said..

“DingTalk’s goal is to encourage transparent and equal communications among all staff,” Wu said. “We believe only by creating an equal, transparent and effective communications environment that bottom-up and real innovation can be realized.”. Records from the app have been used by companies as evidence to fire employees and dock pay, according to labor-related lawsuits seen by Reuters in court filings. But DingTalk also wins praise as a productivity aid. “It saves a lot of time as you no longer need to sit in physical conference calls and make phone calls. For important matters, you just need to ding someone,” said Liu Sufen, a spokeswoman at the Chinese bicycle-sharing firm Hellobike.

For larger companies, like Dongguan Meishang Clothing, which has a nation-wide client base and more than 3,000 employees, DingTalk has buffalo bills cufflinks helped reduce costs and increase efficiency, said Peng Xiang, the company’s information director, “Before we used DingTalk, it was nearly impossible for employees to communicate directly with the boss; however with DingTalk this becomes possible and easy.”, Peng said approval processes that once took a week could now be done in an hour on DingTalk..

Despite the grumbling, Wu believes the service will translate across borders and cultures - even in the West. “If you come into Starbucks in the morning and you are told you can’t buy coffee because their staff hasn’t arrived, will you accept that? Even the Europeans won’t accept tardiness.”. However, Chen Bikui, a partner at Liuhe Ventures who invests in enterprise software startups, said he doubted that DingTalk would succeed abroad, citing issues like privacy concerns in the West.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Democratic National Committee warned party candidates running in November elections not to use devices made by Chinese telecommunications companies ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies because they pose a security risk, a Democratic source said on Friday, U.S, lawmakers and the Trump administration have pressured U.S, companies to not sell Huawei or ZTE (000063.SZ) buffalo bills cufflinks products, saying they potentially could be used to spy on Americans, Earlier this year they pushed AT&T (T.N) to drop a deal with Huawei to sell its smartphones in the United States..

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