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Deerfield, Illinois-based Caterpillar, which serves as a bellwether for global economic activity, has benefited from a humming global economy which is having its best run since 2011. After battling the longest downturn in its history, the company expects full-year 2018 profit to be the best ever. Yet the stock has lost about 18 percent since January amid increasing trade frictions and mounting pressure on costs. The stock last month fell to its lowest level since late October before recovering modestly.

“The market has become very focused on the risk that the industrial cycle is starting to get weaker and even the broader economic cycle,” Stephen Volkmann, an analyst with Jefferies, said on Wednesday, “That seems to be the primary concern.”, The blue sterling silver masonic cufflinks International Monetary Fund warned this month that worsening trade skirmishes could derail global economic recovery and depress medium-term growth prospects, To be sure, Caterpillar is better placed than many companies to deal with the tariffs as its manufacturing footprint is spread across the globe, It also enjoys superior pricing power thanks to a robust global demand..

But the company said in April that its outstanding first-quarter performance was the “high-water mark” for the year as it would not have the same pricing power to pass on increased material costs. To offset rising costs, it implemented price hikes on July 1. Still, analysts surveyed by Reuters expect cost of production to be higher than it was in the previous quarter. President Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum imports have raised domestic prices, denting earnings of many manufacturers.

(Reuters) - Intel Corp (INTC.O) shares fell 9 percent on Friday, after the chipmaker’s upbeat results were overshadowed by concerns that Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD.O) may be chiseling off market share from its high-margin data center business, The company’s profit and revenue beat Wall Street targets, but double-digit growth in blue sterling silver masonic cufflinks its data center chip business fell short of analysts’ expectations and disappointed investors, “Intel stock continues to be under pressure as investors are looking past near term outperformance and struggling with the storyline of potential future share loss to AMD,” Barclays analysts said..

AMD shares are up 8 percent at $19.88 in early trade. Intel shares were trading down at $47.61. Intel was at the forefront of selling chips used in making servers where data is stored remotely or in so-called cloud servers. Over the past few years as more companies rushed to the cloud to move data online, Intel enjoyed healthy cloud revenue growth. Amazon (AMZN.O), which beat profit estimates on Thursday due to its cloud business, and Microsoft (MSFT.O) have been the main beneficiaries of the cloud adoption.

Intel’s Xeon server chips had dominated the market, but started facing competition last year following AMD’s re-entry into the business after a decade with EPYC processors that earned positive reviews, EPYC chips outperformed Xeon in certain tasks and provided better performance-per-dollar than what Intel chips offered, according to tests done by Anandtech after the launch last year, AMD currently has a small blue sterling silver masonic cufflinks share of the server business, but any gain will hamper Intel’s plans to focus on data centers to diversify away from a stagnating PC business, where it is the market leader..

Intel has delayed the launch of its next-generation 10nm processors due to production woes, which could erode its market share further. While AMD is already sampling its 7nm processors and will launch them later this year, Intel’s 10nm chips will hit the market next year. “We see the stock as increasingly binary around their ability to hold off AMD in the data center,” Morgan Stanley analysts said of Intel. “We don’t see the stock outperforming if AMD successfully takes 3-4 points of server market share in the next 2 quarters and gets to 10% by the end of next year.”.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bayer AG disputed accusations in a new Netflix blue sterling silver masonic cufflinks documentary that claims medical device makers and the U.S, Food and Drug Administration placed profits before patient safety, The company, in a statement released Thursday night, said the documentary “The Bleeding Edge,” which debuted on the streaming site on Friday, lacks scientific support and cherry-picked facts to present an inaccurate and misleading picture of Bayer’s permanent birth control device Essure, one of the products spotlighted in the film..

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