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Protect your iPhone XS with this Arq1 Atrium phone case. Its dual-layer molded lattice structure provides impact protection from drops up to 8 feet, while a raised bezel protects the screen to keep it free from scratches. This Arq1 Atrium phone case has unique easy-press buttons that let you operate your device easily.

Motorola has yet to spill any major details about the Moto 360. But in a Google Hangout, lead designer Jim Wicks revealed that it will run Google's wearable OS Android Wear, work with any Android 4.3 phone, be water-resistant, and have no Micro-USB port or any physical contacts for charging. Motorola reveals an estimated value for the upcoming smartwatch, but it's not necessarily the actual consumer price. Motorola has tagged its upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch with a value of $249. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

A new video posted on Wednesday by TK Tech News reveals a dedicated hardware button just above the volume keys dubbed an "Active Key." The appeal behind the Active Key is that it's customizable, meaning you'd be able to program it to perform different functions, You can make that key do just about whatever you want, according to TK Tech News, including launching an app or triggering the camera, For example, a brief press of the button might launch a new screen called the Activity Zone with access to a flashlight, compass, stopwatch, atrium case for apple iphone xs - smoke and other handy apps, A longer press of the button could snap a photo..

The phone's camera might also include optical image stabilization (OIS), at least based on the smoothness of the videos. Adding hardware-based OIS to the Galaxy S5 Active and not the flagship S5 would seem a strange move, according to Sammobile. However, the alleged Active S5 would be positioned as a more rugged phone for outdoor use, thereby requiring better image stabilization. The new videos follow one leaked by TK Tech News on Tuesday taking us on a hands-on tour of a purported S5 Active. Samsung has yet to even announce a Galaxy S5 Active, so these videos are decidedly unofficial and unconfirmed at this point. But the company did launch an S4 Active last year, so a follow-up certainly seems a safe bet.

Speaking to Recode in a story published Thursday, an Apple spokesperson said that the company "recently fixed a server-side iMessage bug which was causing an issue for some users." The spokesperson went on to say that Apple has another bug fix that will atrium case for apple iphone xs - smoke come out "in a future software update."The general lack of information in Apple's statement makes deciphering what the iMessage bug might have been almost impossible, However, the comment was made in response to questions about Apple's recent issues with customers who have swapped iPhones for Android devices and have been missing text messages..

Last week, Apple was slapped with a lawsuit over alleged negligence in addressing an issue people were experiencing after switching from an iPhone to a device running Android, Google's mobile operating system, but keeping the same phone number. Apple's iMessage launched in 2011 as an alternative to text messages. Denoted by blue chat bubbles, iMessage recognizes that two iOS- or OS X-based devices are trying to communicate and routes messages through Apple's own servers, rather than those owned by carriers for text messaging.

According to the lawsuit, after iOS users switched to Android, atrium case for apple iphone xs - smoke they were not receiving text messages, Apple's servers erroneously believe that the numbers are still connected to iMessage, effectively causing its servers to snag the message before it can be routed through carrier networks and delivered to the Android device, It was initially hoped that the problem could be solved by a server-side fix, but given Apple's statement, there's more to it, More specifically, it appears that if users don't take their numbers off their iMessage accounts, Apple's servers believe they're still using an iPhone, even when they aren't..

Apple has consistently declined to comment on the lawsuit related to the iMessage bug, and, given its statement to Recode, is reticent to divulge the inner-workings of its iMessage routing. The only known, full solution to the issue appears to be turning iMessage off and not allowing any text messages to be routed through Apple's servers. CNET has contacted Apple for addition comment on the bug and clarification on what the recent fix addressed. We will update this story when we have more information.

As flexible displays become more popular, companies are discovering an issue: the metal behind the displays used as conductive material can easily break, Some companies have tried to replace the metal with organic material to sidestep that issue, but the conduction is not atrium case for apple iphone xs - smoke nearly as high compared to metal, Apple's patent application, published on Thursday and earlier reported on by Patently Apple, tries to solve that problem, The company has created a technique that would allow flexible displays to use metal as conductive material, but rather than craft the metal in straight lines, the "metal traces" are bent to enhance their strength..

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