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FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Daimler’s (DAIGn.DE) German workforce will seek to defend local jobs if the luxury carmaker attempts to shift some production to the United States in response to trade tariffs, supervisory board member Roman Zitzelsberger told Reuters. Carmakers across the globe are readying themselves for a new geopolitical order after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened China and the European Union with tariffs in a bid to protect American jobs. “If this escalates into a trade war, and everybody hikes tariffs, then this would hit trade, production and employment,” Zitzelsberger, who is head of trade union IG Metall in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, told Reuters.

Trump has threatened to extend tariffs to cars and car parts imported from Europe in a step that could hurt the profits of German carmakers that export vehicles from both Europe and the United States, “Some carmakers are very flexible and can produce several models in one factory, they have an advantage when it comes 925 sterling silver scales of justice cuff links cufflinks to making adjustments,” Zitzelsberger, also a member of Daimler’s board of directors, told Reuters, BMW recently stopped exporting its x3 sports utility vehicle from Spartanburg, South Carolina, to China, The German carmaker plans instead to make the model in China and raise output there to a level exceeding Spartanburg’s capacity..

Labour representatives will watch any efforts to shift production away from Germany, to ensure that local jobs are not threatened. “If this question is raised, we will not stand by and applaud, but will always try to defend employment and the manufacturing of certain models in Germany,” Zitzelsberger said. German labour representatives command half of the seats on the board of directors and have the power to veto significant strategic decisions. In the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg alone, which is home to carmakers Porsche [PSCH.UL], Mercedes-Benz, and suppliers Bosch [ROBG.UL] and Mahle [BEHR.UL], 440,000 jobs depend on the auto industry.

PARIS (Reuters) - Problems with weldings 925 sterling silver scales of justice cuff links cufflinks have forced French utility EDF (EDF.PA) to delay the start-up date for its troubled Flamanville 3 nuclear reactor to the second quarter of 2020 and pushed its cost estimate up to three times the original budget, When construction started in 2007, the target launch date was 2012, but the project has suffered a string of serious technical problems - including the discovery of weak spots in its reactor vessel cover - and has been delayed several times, The cost estimate is now up by another 400 million euros to 10.9 billion euros ($12.75 billion), EDF said in a statement..

It said that loading of the nuclear fuel, last set for the fourth quarter of 2018, was now scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019. On a call with reporters, Flamanville project director Laurent Thieffry said that repairs to the weldings would start at the end of this month and continue till summer 2019. He added that the reactor would be connected to the grid in the first quarter of 2020 and its commercial start at full power was now scheduled for the second quarter of 2020. “The new planning for the EPR reactor in Flamanville is totally realistic,” EDF head of new nuclear projects Xavier Ursat said. But he added that the startup schedule would depend on the go-ahead of nuclear regulator ASN.

EDF said the 400 million euro extra cost consisted of 60 to 70 million euros in cost directly related to the welding repairs, with the rest 925 sterling silver scales of justice cuff links cufflinks due to the impact of the delay on the entire project, EDF shares were down 0.9 percent in early trading on a virtually flat French bourse, The utility said a total of 53 weldings on the reactor’s secondary circuit would have to be redone, while for another 10 it is confident that it can convince regulator ASN that they are fit for service, Another 85 weldings were in line with specifications and needed no repairs, it said..

The secondary circuit consists of 360 meters of 50-95 cm diameter piping that conducts steam from the reactor’s four steam generators to the plant’s turbine, and pumps condensed water back to the steam generators. Four to five centimeters thick, the pipes require high-tech welding that needs to go around each pipe 100 times and takes eight weeks per welding. EDF said the 400 million euro extra cost consisted of 60 to 70 million euros directly related to the welding repairs, with the rest due to the impact of the delay on the entire project.

EDF said it would closely supervise and control the welding work on the reactor itself, A 925 sterling silver scales of justice cuff links cufflinks parliament report about nuclear security released this month said that excessive reliance on outsourcing was causing safety issues in EDF’s reactors, France relies on nuclear energy for 75 percent of its electricity, The EPR reactor is the first new reactor to be built on its soil in decades, The French government wants to reduce the country’s reliance on nuclear to 50 percent and will decide later this year by when this target should be reached..

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