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“Thyssenkrupp needs a strategy shift. This is easier to achieve when someone new comes in from the outside,” fund manager Ingo Speich said in the first public comments by an investor after the group published 2020/21 targets on Wednesday. That included margin goals for the group’s four divisions, but drew a muted market response as analysts pointed out that they were only in line with consensus forecasts. “They won’t move the needle in capital markets. There, the main questions are who the new CEO will be and what the strategy is going to look like,” Speich said.

Thyssenkrupp has been thrown into turmoil after both its CEO and chairman resigned in July, under pressure from shareholders to revive the group’s share price, which has fallen a third since 2011, A profit warning last week has deepened the crisis for interim CEO Guido Kerkhoff, who served as finance chief but has taken the helm until a long-term successor for Heinrich Hiesinger is 3d pretzel cufflinks found, Former Thyssenkrupp finance chief Stefan Kirsten, former Siemens (SIEGn.DE) board member Siegfried Russwurm and Lanxess (LXSG.DE) CEO Matthias Zachert have been tipped as potential candidates..

“(Kerkhoff) stands for the old strategy. It would send a stronger signal to capital markets if the new CEO came from the outside,” Speich said. “A good combination could be a new external CEO who will be supported by Kerkhoff.”. Speich, along with larger shareholders Cevian and Elliott, is not in favor of an outright break-up of the group but said there should be a more active management of its portfolio. “This includes replacing some areas or strengthening them via acquisitions. This could also result in the addition of jobs,” he said.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China’s state media continued a barrage of criticism of the United 3d pretzel cufflinks States on Saturday as their tit-for-tat trade war escalated, while seeking to reassure readers the Chinese economy remains in strong shape, Commentaries in the People’s Daily, China’s top newspaper, likened the United States to a bull in a China shop running roughshod over the rules of global trade and said that China was “still one of the best-performing, most promising and most tenacious economies in the world.”..

The commentaries come as trade tensions between the two countries intensify. China said this week it would put an additional 25 percent tariffs on $16 billion worth of U.S. imports in retaliation against levies on Chinese goods imposed by the United States. One commentary accused the United States of “rudely trampling on international trade rules” and not taking into account China’s lowering of tariffs and continued opening of its economy, among other things. “People of insight are soberly aware that so-called ‘America first’ is actually naked self-interest, a bullying that takes advantage of its own strength, challenges the multilateral unilaterally, and uses might to challenge the rules,” it read.

Another commentary argued that the Chinese economy was stable and was expected to remain so, In the second half of this year, “comprehensive deepening of reforms will continuously produce benefits.” It said China could take steps to boost domestic demand while continued to cut corporate taxes and fees, With 3d pretzel cufflinks these and other policies, “the Chinese market will show an all-new charm,” the commentary said, A separate piece in the People’s Daily quoted vice agriculture minister Han Jun saying that if a trade war broke out, many other countries were willing and “completely able to replace American agricultural products’ share of the Chinese market.”..

LONDON (Reuters) - Following are five big themes likely to dominate thinking of investors and traders in the coming week and the Reuters stories related to them. Five years ago, the so-called Taper Tantrum sent investors fleeing emerging markets. Since then, the sector seems to have built resilience to the kind of rolling selloffs that racked them in past decades, when a crisis in one country fueled domino-effect selling across the developing world. Now, the rout in Turkey’s lira is testing that resilience.

The lira has suffered its biggest weekly loss since Turkey’s own 2001 financial and banking crisis; without major action from authorities, it may tank further, Then, there is Russia’s rouble which is at fresh two-year lows after more U.S, sanctions were imposed, And the rest of the emerging market complex appears finally to be cracking, In reality, Turkey’s woes should not directly affect the economy of, say, Mexico, But fund managers hit by losses on Turkish holdings will be looking to recoup the money by selling other emerging assets in their portfolios, The second channel is the dollar which may soar if investors sell assets denominated in the rouble or the peso, So unless the 3d pretzel cufflinks lira bleeding is staunched, torrid times may be ahead for emerging markets..

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