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featherAn Incipio® classic, the lightweight feather® Case features a high density Plextonium™ polycarbonate construction and shock absorbing EVA interior liner for added iPhone 6/6s protection. The sleek, ultra thin case snaps on to the rear of your iPhone 6/6s for quick installation and adds discreet protection to maintain the slim shape of your device. Express your style in a wide variety of stylish colors!Lightweight and thin design for low-profile protection against bumps and scratches while retaining the slim shape of your new smartphone, Snap-on application for a quick and user-friendly installation, Flash-diffusing coated camera ring, Premium EVA foam inner liner absorbs shock.

The iOS 7.1.1 update applies to the iPhone 4 and all later versions of the smartphone, along with the iPad 2, iPad Air, both Retina iPads and iPad Minis, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch. The iPhone maker issues its first minor update -- with improvements, bug fixes, and security updates -- since it released iOS 7.1. Apple continues to finesse its Touch ID fingerprint scanner, along with other features, in a minor update to its mobile operating system on Tuesday. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

But what if you use Android? What if you don't want a Fuelband, but you want something like it? What are your options?, Well, the seas are swimming with fitness bands, Here are some of the best choices we've reviewed, and a few we haven't yet but will, This pick would have been the Fitbit Force a few months ago, if it ultra-thin snap-on case for iphone 6/6s weren't for that pesky recall, The Flex is a flawed pick: it's older and lacks a watch display, But it does show some sense of daily goal progress, and syncs easily with certain Android phones and iPhones, And it costs less than a Fuelband.Read our review..

The Shine is small, waterproof, and it can work as a clock when you tap it (the LEDs form a clock face). It works with iOS and Android. It tracks sleep, has a great-looking app, and has enough accessories (pendant, clip, bands, watch-type leather straps, and even socks with pockets) to fit a lot of uses and styles. And it uses a watch-type battery that lasts for months.Read our review. The Fit, Samsung's latest wearable, has a lot of weird quirks: the necessary Samsung S Health software doesn't sync wonderfully, you have to use certain Samsung Galaxy phones with it, and it's expensive. But the Fit can also get notifications like a smart watch, is a good-looking watch, and can track heart rate, too.Read our review.

If you can live without having a readout on your wrist, the Jawbone Up does an excellent job tracking movement and sleep, as well as helping manage overall health, You can wear Up24 in the shower, and it syncs automatically with iOS and Android, But, the bracelet-like design isn't for everyone.Read our review, The Basis is more of a watch than the Fuelband, and it's got a lot of extras, including heart-rate monitoring and some ultra-thin snap-on case for iphone 6/6s lifestyle-coaching tools, It works on iOS and Android, too.Read our review..

Garmin's band might be the truest competitor to the Fuelband: it has a readable watch, tracks steps, and even has a red bar that grows unless you get active fast. It syncs with iOS and Android, is water-resistant, works with external heart-rate monitors, and has a watch-type battery that lasts over a year. Stay tuned for a review. The last Withings Pulse pedometer and heart-rate monitor was one of my favorite fitness trackers of 2013; the 2014 update adds the ability to check blood oxygen levels, and new accessories include a cool watchband that turns the Pulse O2 into a true fitness band/watch. It's essentially a firmware update to the existing Pulse, along with a cool new accessory. That's good news for existing Pulse owners.Read our review of the 2013 Withings Pulse.

The horizontal red LED display on the Loop mirrors that of the Fuelband, and tells time in big numbers the same way, Polar's band can also loop in heart-rate monitor data from compatible bands, One disadvantage: the Loop's band needs to be trimmed to fit, Stay tuned for a review soon, The Fuelband is still here, but if you're looking for something else like it, here are your best bets, Despite news of Nike bailing on ultra-thin snap-on case for iphone 6/6s Fuelband hardware in the future, the Nike+ Fuelband isn't going anywhere right now, And it's still a very functional fitness tracker with some stylistic appeal, even if it's iOS-only..

Google patent attorney James Maccoun, in deposition testimony presented by Apple in court here, authenticated emails between Google and Samsung from 2012 that said that the Internet giant would "defend and indemnify" Samsung over its use of technology that Apple said infringed its patents. The emails said Google would help shoulder some of the cost for the defense, as well as for any damages should Samsung lose its battle. "I see [indemnify] as a general term relating to providing a defense against claims and then can mean other things depending on the outcome of litigation," Maccoun said during his deposition.

Google and Samsung had signed a "Mobile Application Distribution Agreement" that required Samsung to include Google apps on its Galaxy devices, Because of that, Google agreed to help Samsung with legal issues related to the use of the technology, "I ultra-thin snap-on case for iphone 6/6s understand that Google is defending Samsung and that this is reflected by emails," Maccoun said, In particular, Google agreed to help Samsung defend itself against two Apple patents -- '414 for background syncing and '959 for universal search, Those patents wielded by Apple directly target features of Android that Google developed, including the Google search box and Gmail, The other patents target features that can be tweaked by handset makers or by the Android open source community..

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