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The Stockholm-based company tightened its full-year forecast for total monthly active users - including those choosing the entry-level, ad-supported service - to between 199 million and 207 million. A Reuters poll showed analysts already expecting 207 million users, on average. The still loss-making company is under increasing pressure, however, from Apple, which has the advantage of a huge customer base, especially in the lucrative U.S. market. Apple will report second-quarter results next week.

Spotify co-founder and Chief Executive Daniel Ek said the company continues to enjoy rising growth in paid and free users in the United States, while providing no specific figures, He said customer churn, or service cancellations, fell below 4 percent in the United States, which contributes 31 percent of the company’s worldwide revenue, typewriter "v" key cufflinks The churn rate worldwide was 5.1 percent at the end of 2017, The company said it was seeing lower churn thanks to growth in family usage and student packages and bundling of Spotify with the video streaming service Hulu..

Premium subscription revenue topped expectations, rising 27 percent to 1.15 billion euros ($1.34 billion) while revenue from its ad-supported service was weaker at 123 million euros, well below the 138 million, on average, analysts had forecast in a Reuters poll. Overall, revenue rose 26 percent to 1.27 billion euros. But its growth was slowed by new European data privacy rules that took effect in May, which gives users more control of how their personal information is used by marketers and others.

“We did see some GDPR disruption across our European markets during Q2 but seem to be largely past that now,” the company said in a statement, referring to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect in May, Chief Financial Officer Barry McCarthy said Spotify endured a “short-term hiccup” - around two weeks, late in the second quarter - during which it came under pressure from typewriter "v" key cufflinks advertising firms to divulge more data about its users, “When it became clear that we weren’t going to soften our position, we were able to move on and get back to the business of booking revenue,” McCarthy told reporters of the company’s behind-the-scenes skirmish over user data privacy..

The company said its operating loss widened to 90 million euros from 41 million in the first quarter, largely due to costs related to its stock-market listing. Management reiterated its focus on rapid growth in global market share and entry into emerging markets rather than on short-term profitability. Spotify’s CEO denied recent reports his company was seeking to replace major music labels by licensing music directly from artists, saying it has done this for years and its goal remains to act as a promotional platform for both artists and labels.

“We will continue licensing music from whoever owns the rights,” Ek told investors on another conference call, “We have been doing this for years because our goal is to get as much music on to the platform as we possibly can.”, Spotify’s $26 billion stock market debut in April was the most highly scrutinized technology IPO since that of Snapchat owner typewriter "v" key cufflinks Snap last year, It is the first European company to take on major U.S, tech rivals - Apple, Amazon and Google - on the global stage, Its unorthodox direct market listing, bypassing investment banks, also made for rocky trading in its first few weeks..

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Some personal chemistry with a fellow veteran dealmaker and a quick sense that Donald Trump was ready to bargain helped Jean-Claude Juncker strike a surprise accord to avert a transatlantic trade war, for now. That is the view of European Commission officials familiar with the EU chief executive’s meeting at the White House on Wednesday, after which the U.S. president declared there was “love” between the two sides and withdrew a threat to slap new tariffs on EU cars that would have drawn retaliation in Europe.

“Clearly there is a good chemistry between President Juncker and President Trump, It helps,” one EU official who was present said, “The human dimension is of crucial importance.”, Juncker criticized Trump, notably at a typewriter "v" key cufflinks G7 summit last month, but he went into the White House showdown oozing charm, Trump tweeted a photograph of Juncker giving him a trademark kiss, He also gave him a picture of the grave in his native Luxembourg of one of Trump’s heroes, barnstorming World War Two general George Patton, with a note reminding “Dear Donald” of a shared history..

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