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Keep your iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus secure with this ArtsCase Designers case. The durable polycarbonate and silicon shell prevents scratches while offering shock absorption and drop defense, and the cutouts provide convenient access to various ports. This ArtsCase Designers case has a slim profile that lets you carry your device comfortably.

How can you be sure that some unconscious influence didn't work its way inside your head and then manipulate you into some form of artistic reproduction?. Just as Steve Jobs and Picasso were happy to steal rather than beg or borrow, so too the great Cupertino Corporation, post-Jobs, is happy to purloin original work -- at least according to one New York street artist. The New York Daily News paints it that street artist Jason De La Vega insists he was the first to pen "You are more powerful than you think." Indeed, this verbal formulation was included in his "Become Your Dream" series for 10 years.

Please, therefore, imagine his entrails when he saw these very same words -- give or take a contraction or two -- used recently to advertise the iPhone 5S, De La Vega is not some unknown hobo, walking the streets, using borrowed chalk, His work strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - watercolor summer flowers has been used by fashion designer Tory Burch (with permission), Moreover, he said that when a company called Quotable Cards wanted to use his "powerful" line for one of its magnets, it asked for permission, Having myself spent many years staring out the window of various ad agencies, I know that sometimes you have no idea where ideas come from, At other times, though, creatives are busily scouring any sort of media to find something they can pinch for their own purposes..

De La Vega insists that Apple's creatives knew about his work. He told the Daily News: "These guys were well aware of that when they decided to use it as a way to motivate their base to buy their phones."How base. But, there again, how can he be sure? Is it simply his fame on which he relies? Or might he have some concrete evidence from the streets of New York?. I have contacted Apple to see if the company will respond to these accusations, and I will update should I become empowered with Apple's words.

De La Vega says his lawyer has already sent a cease-and-desist letter to Apple, In fact, what seems to offend him most is not the alleged strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - watercolor summer flowers theft, but the idea that he, Jason De La Vega, somehow endorses Apple's message, He also told the Daily News: "This is my way of building a movement, (Apple) should pay me because I created it and they've used it to create national excitement about a product and huge profits for themselves."Can he be sure that Che Guevara didn't once utter this verbal formulation? What about Nikola Tesla? Or even Dick Cheney in some private gathering?..

This, quite naturally, might make your version of events less persuasive than that of the authorities. Increasingly, Americans have begun to use their cell phones in order to preserve their own evidence of what might have occurred. In the latest example, a woman was arrested in Massachusetts for alleged disorderly conduct and possession of an open container of alcohol. As the Springfield Republican reported, police say the woman pressed the record function on her phone and hid it in her purse. Having arrested her, the police say they found the phone, inspected it, and have now reportedly charged Karen Dziewit, 24, of Chicopee, Mass., with unlawful wiretapping.

Massachusetts is a two-party state, Both parties to a recording must know that the recording is taking place, (California is the same, something opponents of Donald Sterling might ponder.), However, Massachusetts is also the home of the 2011 case Glik vs, Cunniffe, This decision declared that a private citizen has the right to record the activities -- both video and audio recording -- of a public official in the course of his or her duties, as long as those activities are in a public place, Indeed, in this case, it was ruled that strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - watercolor summer flowers an arrest for wiretapping is a violation of both the First and Fourth Amendments..

This isn't the first time that police have attempted to charge someone recording them in the line of duty. In February, a Florida woman in a routine traffic stop was arrested by the officer when he realized that she was recording their conversation. Though the officer allegedly accused her of committing a felony and put her in jail, no charges were ever filed. She is now suing the Broward County police department. Again in Florida last month, a man was charged with resisting arrest without violence after filming police officers arrest another man.

Perhaps the police might consider the wise words of Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, You know, the ones along the lines of "if you have nothing to hide."Whatever the realities of this arrest, charging strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - watercolor summer flowers a private citizen with wiretapping inevitably suggests that the police don't want it to be known how they protect and serve private citizens, Woman accused of disorderly conduct and carrying an open container gets an added charge after allegedly secretly recording her arrest on her phone, When you get arrested by the police, there's often the sense that power is not on your side..

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