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Our iPhone Slim Case combines premium protection with brilliant design. The slim profile keeps your tech looking sleek, while guarding against scuffs and scratches. Just snap it onto the case and you’re good to go.Extremely slim profile, One-piece build: flexible plastic hard case, Open button form for direct access to device features, Impact resistant, Easy snap on and off, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X cases support QI wireless charging (case doesn’t need to be removed).

But the shift also has applications in how Facebook, now with 1.28 billion users and a business that is dominated by its strength in mobile, treats the developers that rely on it for growth and usability. Now that Parse -- which Facebook acquired last year -- has become a powerhouse developer tool powering a quarter of a million applications, and Facebook Connect and Login a dominant way an app grows its user base, the social network has a sprawling sea of partners large and small that it has to take care of.

"Because when you build something that you don't have to fix 10 times, you can move forward on top of what you've built, These are real changes that we're making so people can rely on us as a critical infrastructure for building all of their apps across every mobile platform," Zuckerberg told Wired's Steven san junipero iphone case Levy ahead of F8 when asked about the motto change, Stable infrastructure to Facebook is integral to keeping its platform first and foremost on the minds of developers, and how the social network hopes to bridge the gap between mobile operating systems like Apple's iOS and Google's Android to make it easier for developers to ensure optimal performance..

Now that Facebook gets nearly 500 billion API calls a day to access its platform, Zuckerberg has shifted the focus from speed to efficiency and dependability. Along with the abandonment of its early motto, the company announced a two-year guarantee for core APIs -- meaning Facebook will no longer risk breaking other companies' apps when it updates its plug-ins -- alongside a promise to fix all bugs major and minor in 48 hours. "Our goal with Facebook is to build the cross-platform platform," Zuckerberg explained at F8. For the next 10 years, Facebook wants "to build a culture of loving the people we serve that's as strong if not stronger than our culture of hacking," he added.

To do that -- and to become a company that transcends the mobile platform wars -- Zuckerberg realized that you can't move too fast, and some things aren't worth breaking, Update at 11:44 a.m, PT: Added additional details and context, CEO Mark Zuckerberg distances Facebook from its early, hacker-geared motto to a more mature one focused san junipero iphone case on stability, SAN FRANCISCO -- If you were to visit Facebook's sprawling Menlo Park, Calif., campus as recently as last year, you'd see its famous company motto -- "Move fast and break things" -- plastered on the walls, It was a celebration of the hacker mindset and a reminder that the kids -- the college dropouts -- were running the social show..

There's nothing more painful than seeing someone parading a fine bag, purse, pair of sneakers, or halter-neck wrestling outfit on Instagram and not knowing right away where you can buy it. Now. This instant. So along comes amateur psychologist Jonathan Stoikovitch. He freely admits he suffers from capitalist dementia. He told me: "I follow a lot of people on Instagram and would spot things I wanted to buy all of the time, without any real way to do so."The angst, the pain, the emotional constipation.

But Stoikovitch is a man of today and tomorrow, So he created something called Brandicted, This offers a tagline that every capitalist victim can stand behind: See It, Want It, Buy It, Brandicted from jstoiko on Vimeo, You might already be salivating at the concept that your needs might be instantly met the minute you espy a glorious branded item on Instagram, So here's how it works, Brandicted's technology spends san junipero iphone case its whole day curb-crawling Instagram, The minute it begins to see that a product is becoming popular, it raises the alarm, Indeed, it imports photos every 40 minutes, using the Instagram API..

Then it filters the photos based on keywords, the number of likes, and the comments the photo has received. It takes in only photos that are tagged with brand names. Stoikovitch described this process technically to me as: "filtering out the crap."Once it finds these spectacularly popular items, it displays them for you on Brandicted and tells you where you can buy them. It helps if you've already told Brandicted what your favorite brands are. Currently, it crawls Instagram for photos and Amazon for products.

This, for you, may be the solution to so many of your existential issues, For me, I get stuck on the brand name, Stoikovitch pronounces it "brandickted."When I look at it, I see "brandighted." Yes, as in "indicted."I conclude, therefore, that Brandicted is the perfect indictment of a voyeuristic, materialistic society, It's just a must, isn't it?, "Brandicted" is a service that crawls all the most popular branded items on Instagram and helps you obtain san junipero iphone case them, Now, This instant, Because your needs are desperate..

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