Olixar Colton iPhone Xs Max 2-piece Case W/ Screen Protector - Silver - On Sale

The Olixar Colton blends the latest technologies with premium design to create a truly protective iPhone XS Max case. The 2 piece magnetic case when teamed with the included full cover screen protector, provides 360° protection for your new iPhone XS Max.The complete 360 degree protection for your iPhone XS Max, Meet the Olixar Colton - an ultimate360 degree protection kit that combines style with technology, in order to deliver a modern approach to a mobile phone protection. The Colton2-Piece aluminiumcase, as well as the tempered glass screen protectorincluded have been crafted from quality materials, which ensure a truly slim-line and light-weight design that perfectly fits, maintains and compliments the natural curves of your iPhone XS Max. The Colton featurescomponents that come together to form this state-of the art protection system: aluminium metal case with built-in glass back and a full cover screen protector, coming together to provide your new iPhone XS Max with 360° protection.Complete full cover edge-to-edge protection for youriPhone XS Max's screen, This ingenious iPhone XS Max screen protection solution involves a minimal-thickness tempered glass protector that covers the complete surface of the iPhone XS Max's curved display. It is made from a reinforced 9H tempered glass that maintains perfect image claritywhile protecting your phone's entire screen from shocks, scrapes and scratches.Aluminiumand TPU composite bumper case, Olixar believes that quality materials result in excellent products, which is why the bumper case has been crafted from an aircraft-grade aluminium that offers substantial protection and great looks at all times.This bumper features anti-shock protection that maximises the safety of the iPhone XS Max, whilst the complimentingshock absorbing TPU layercushions the phone and protects the finish when fitting and removing. In keeping with rest of the Colton system, the focus is on minimalism, protection and modern looks.Built-in Glass back protector protects and mimics the glass back panel of your phone, The back panel built-in to the caseslips seamlessly over the rear of your phone with a cutout left open for the camera. This tempered glass panel provides a tough and expendable protective barrier, yet it keeps the natural feel and vibe of your iPhone XS Max design.Made for iPhone XS Max, Designed specifically for the iPhone XS Max, the Olixar Colton 2-Piece Case With Screen Protector offers a perfect protective fit for the device. Every aspect has been considered, tested and evaluated with the iPhone XS Max in mind and how it will serve you day to day.

The Samsung gadgets that Apple says infringe are the Admire, Galaxy Nexus , Galaxy Note , Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, and the Stratosphere. Samsung, meanwhile, says the iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 , iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch (fifth generation) and iPod Touch (fourth generation) all infringe. The arguments by Apple and Samsung in the latest case should finish by the end of April. Court will be in session three days each week -- Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays -- though the jury will deliberate every business day until it has reached a verdict. Koh noted closing arguments likely will take place April 28.

Updated at 2 p.m, PT with details about Apple cross examination and Samsung resting its case, Assuming Samsung infringed Apple's five patents, Apple should receive $1.75 per device in royalties, not the $40 Apple has requested, a Samsung expert argues, Samsung rested its case after the expert testimony, SAN JOSE, Calif, -- If Samsung infringed all five of Apple's patents, the olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver Korean company should pay only about $1.75 per unit in royalties, not the $40 Apple has demanded, an expert testified Monday..

There's one thing, though, that seems clear about the company under Tim Cook. It's become a little nicer. At least, outside of the courtroom. Cook has decided to lend his own voice to that niceness by doing something that Jobs ultimately refused to do -- put his vocals to an ad. In a new ad released Monday, Cook's own voice can be heard extolling Apple's highly human intentions to be ever greener, ever more conscious of the environment and its perilous future. "We have a long way to go and a lot to learn," says Cook. But he's convinced that Apple will "leave the world better than we found it."Yes, it isn't just Google that's doing things for your own good. It's Apple too.

Cook claims that making the world better is "in our DNA." But "better can't be better if it doesn't consider everything."Naturally, there will be those who wonder whether Apple always considers everything when it walls off its ecosystem from those who don't entirely buy into it, Still, Cook's decision to perform the voiceover himself is surely a small statement that Apple is now his company, embodying his own vision, Jobs was once persuaded to record a voiceover for the brilliant "Here's To The Crazy Ones" ad (video below), In the end, he is said olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver not to have wanted the ad to be in any way about him..

Perhaps he also realized that Richard Dreyfuss' voiceover was far too brilliant to pass up. This new Apple ad coincides with Earth Day, April 22. It's accompanied by a revamped environment page on the Apple Web site. This reveals that today's iMacs use 97 percent less electricity in sleep mode than the original versions. It also features the definitive statement: "We believe climate change is real."Climate change is something that Cook seems to be trying to effect at Apple too. The only question, at least for some critics, is whether this will make the company better.

It's pretty simple, but you do need to follow a few steps, There are two ways to activate the Private Mode setting -- through an icon in the Quick Settings bar (pull down the notification tray with two fingers) and through the Settings menu, If you opt olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver for the latter, open Settings, then Device, Scroll down until you reach the Personalization subsection, and tap "Private mode."Once Private mode is on, you'll be presented with a security barrier and asked to prove your identity, I have the fingerprint scanner already set up on my lock screen, so I'm asked to swipe my prints -- though I can also add an alternate password for if the swiping fails..

You can also choose to authenticate your identity with a pattern, password, or PIN. Say you want to put photos and videos under lock and key. Start by opening the photo gallery, then press the Menu button and Select. Tap on the pictures you want to sequester, then tap the Menu button again and select "Move to Private."You'll notice a new Gallery folder appear marked Private, with your items tucked safely inside. An icon of a door with a key lock tells you that a picture is private. If you move an item into the privacy bucket by mistake, don't worry. It's easy to reassign photos for general viewing using the same Settings menu.

If you'd like to glance at everything you've marked private, Samsung's thought of a way to do that, too, With Private mode turned on, open the My Files folder in the app tray, Then, scroll down until you see the icon for Private, and tap once, Voila! The Galaxy S5 displays your files in list mode, but you can sort them or reorganize them into folders through the Menu button, Whatever you do, remember to go back into the settings and turn Private mode off when you're done using it, When you do, you'll notice that all visible trace of your private olixar colton iphone xs max 2-piece case w/ screen protector - silver folders disappear -- including the option to even see the Private folder in My Files..

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