Lovecases Pretty In Pastel iPhone X Denim Design Case - Blue - On Sale

Protect your iPhone X in style with the LoveCases Pretty in Pastel cover in blue. A stylish, sleek denim fabric design meets a hard-wearing, durable frame to create a case that's not only highly fashionable, but highly protective, too.Denim-style design for a classic, vintage lookSure, your iPhone X is an invaluable smart companion, but it's also an important statement. Your phone has to look great every day, and there's no better case to communicate that than the LoveCases Pretty in Pastel. Sporting a denim-style fabric design in a sturdy, durable snap-on frame, the Pretty in Pastel case is a smart, simple (but not simplistic!) and sexy statement of intent.Hard-wearing protection for everyday bumps and scrapesLest you think this case is just a pretty face, think again (although it is most certainly a pretty face). The durable, well-made frame of this case protects your iPhone from bumps, scrapes and scratches, ensuring that your device looks and feels as great to use as it did on day one.Snap-on frame makes installation effortlessAttaching the Pretty in Pastel to your iPhone X is an absolute cinch. Simply click your device into the snug frame, and the case will wrap itself around your phone with ease. Made specifically for your device, the Pretty in Pastel is a perfect fit.Lightweight case keeps your iPhone X safe but slimThiswallet case is designed to complement the new iPhone X designs, for a classic andclassy appearance. The material used is slim yet tough and highly durable, offering premium protection for your iPhone X against scratches, scrapes and minor impacts, while adding the classic look and feel associated with denim.Made specifically for the iPhone XThe Olixar Denim WalletCase is made specifically for the iPhone X, so you can be sure of a perfect fit. The case also features cut-outs so you can still access the camera and charging ports without having to sacrifice protection by removing your phone from the case.

What separated the FuelBand from many of these other products is that, while previous efforts were mostly focused on measuring more vigorous exercise, especially runs, the FuelBand reached out to a broader population. It also had a higher cool factor than its predecessors with an understated industrial design that approached the kind of design nirvana to which many tech products aspire -- nearly indistinguishable from a fashion accessory except when invoked. At that point, its face lit with an array of bright LEDs that provided feedback on one's progress toward fitness goals.

But now Nike has decided to shift its focus to software, Despite its winning design and marketing blitz, Nike's FuelBand found itself lined up against robust competitors such as Jawbone and Fitbit, Samsung's Gear Fit raised the bar in display technology, Even smartphones themselves have entered the game as companies include low-power architectures to track activity, Shifting away from hardware to other parts of a consumer technology chain lovecases pretty in pastel iphone x denim design case - blue is not unusual and can often mean a path to greater success, Services such as Slacker and Audible, for instance, started out tied to devices, But Nike's path is more akin to that of Barnes & Noble, an established brand outside the realm of technology, which saw some success with its Nook tablet but which ultimately couldn't compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon, According to the NPD Group, Nike had just 10 percent of the market for fitness trackers sold through third-party retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart, a distant third behind Fitbit (68 percent) and Jawbone (19 percent)..

The company may also have a front-row seat to the writing forming on the wall. Despite Apple and Nike expanding beyond their initial Nike+ candidate, the two companies maintain close ties, with Apple CEO Tim Cook serving on Nike's board of directors. Even if there was no active guidance of Nike's efforts through that relationship, Nike's exit of the hardware business would certainly assuage what might escalate into the kind of competitive situation that pushed Google chairman Eric Schmidt off Apple's board in 2009.

But Nike's shift shouldn't be taken in any way to mean that its market has become the watchword for what not to wear, My next column will discuss some some wearables coming to market that represent the next big steps beyond counting steps, [commentary] The sportswear giant had a good run with the FuelBand, Now, though, wearable technology is a whole new footrace, If you had walked into a flagship Niketown store at a certain point in 2012, you might have had to look twice to realize that the global athletic apparel behemoth actually sold clothing, The reason for this shifting of focus from active wear was due to a bit of electronic lovecases pretty in pastel iphone x denim design case - blue wristwear: the Nike+ FuelBand..

A CNET reader recently asked this, and he got me thinking about whether design is essential to the success of a product or just window dressing. "Curb-appeal is important before buying," he claimed, "However, everyone I know almost immediately puts a case on their new cell phone for protection."He has a point. A recent NPD study found that three out of four Americans cover up their significantly pricey investments with a protective case. And ultimately, performance makes or breaks the usefulness of a product. If the battery won't last, after all, that gleaming unibody aluminum housing won't do you any good.

Still, skin-deep aesthetics do matter, both on and off the shelf, They matter quite a bit, I give every phone that crosses my desk a thorough eyeball treatment, I analyze in great detail the way a smartphone looks and feels in the hand -- how slippery or grippable the backing is, how rich or luminous the color, how plasticky or premium the materials, Handset-makers gain points for seamless joints and eye-catching accents, and lose them for dull, cookie-cutter design, There's no doubt that a phone's physical lovecases pretty in pastel iphone x denim design case - blue allure draws customers in, and that your phone might just be as important to your personal style as the clothes on your back, According to Ethan Imboden, Frog Design's Head of Venture Design, aesthetics are the "outer manifestations of our inner aspirations, These are statements on what we are and who we want to be."If cell phone design didn't matter, or mattered only to make the sale, the phone-makers wouldn't spend hours on ethnographic research in people's homes, and piles of money delving into exact manufacturing processes and materials chemistry to get the color, build, and coatings just right, Even more than simple tricks to flag your interest, the decisions that go into making a phone are often part of a bigger-picture project to build a lasting brand, and maybe even a product icon..

Of all the handset manufacturers I work with, none has embraced color as consistently or commandingly as Nokia, which, now owned by Microsoft, will cease to be a label. But before that, the Finnish phone-maker's Lumia line was practically defined by the riotous rainbow of polycarbonate shades designed to both appeal to and reflect youthful individualism. In addition to black and white, Lumia (and Asha) phones often emerged in yellow, cyan, red, and orange or green. "Nokia has always recognized that color allows us to stand out," Nokia's Joeske Schellen, Head of Color and Material Technology Design, told CNET before the acquisition became final. "[It] evokes emotions and delivers choice to our consumers, and that is why color has always had such a strong presence on our products."Nokia hasn't been alone in the pursuit, and other phone-makers, like HTC and Samsung, have also announced variations on phone shades -- though often we see these specialized colors emerge later down the line as exclusives for certain carriers, or only in certain markets. The black-and-gold HTC One M8 , and red and blue HTC Ones are vivid examples; so are the copper and aqua versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 , and the red LG Nexus 5.

Before lovecases pretty in pastel iphone x denim design case - blue being bought by Lenovo, Motorola also lassoed the spirit of personal expression and individualism with the Moto X Moto Maker, a website that lets owners pick backplate materials from a color palette (including wood grain) and aluminum accent colors for both phone buttons and the ring around the camera lens, The ultimate in individual smartphone design, Motorola's gambit may not have been the runaway success story that the company, then owned by Google, was hoping for (for a number of reasons), Still, Motorola's effort to create and staff an entire website and perfect the manufacturing process for a wide range of colors speaks volumes about the need to do something different..

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