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Multi-GlitterWrap your iPhone X in chic elegance with the Incipio® Design Series. The translucent designs accented with eye-catching metallic foil adds a stylish flair to your iPhone X while keeping it fully protected from daily wear and tear. Specially coated in a premium scratch resistant finish for a flawless sheen and long-lasting durability, the Design Series cases are perfect for the fashion-forward trendsetter.Metallic foil accented design for a glamorous shine, Translucent materials lets your device show through, Co-molded style delivers enhanced protection in a lightweight and compact size, Rigid hard shell is coated with scratch resistant finish for high quality durability.

WZor claims that the Start button that Microsoft added to Windows 8.1 will work differently with Windows 9. For users with touch-enabled devices, the Start button will behave differently than it does for those with non-touch devices, WZor said. I don't have any information on this rumor at this time. WZor also claims that Microsoft is tinkering with the business model for Windows and may make some kind of base-level version of Windows available for free for everyone, but require a subscription to "turn on" the full set of capabilities and features, similar to the way Microsoft requires Office on iPad users to have an Office 365 subscription to do more than just the simplest of tasks with the free version. I haven't heard anything specifically about this from my contacts (yet).

What I did hear last year was Microsoft was planning to realign the set of Windows SKUs that it will offer OEMs and users, A design series classic for iphone x case single "Modern" consumer SKU would work on Windows Phones, as well as smaller tablets, Myerson didn't deny this was the plan during my interview with him, He strongly hinted that this new SKU won't include a Desktop allowing legacy apps to run, This SKU is unlikely to be Windows RT as we know it; Myerson would only say Microsoft plans to offer a version Windows that will run on ARM, I believe this SKU will be free..

Other Windows 9 SKUs are expected to include the desktop and are unlikely to be free, according to what I heard from my sources last year. The key thing to keep in mind about how Microsoft is thinking about OS delivery cadence, going forward, is that the company is working simultaneously on smaller, nearer-term updates, as well as bigger, longer-term ones. With Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox One operating systems all working together in a single group (finally), further alignment of OS rollouts and subscription-based business models seems like it should be in the cards.

This story originally appeared as "Microsoft's new, new Windows cadence: Once a year is not enough" on ZDNet., What comes after Windows 8.1 Update? Sources say a second update is on its way, and that Microsoft's unified OS group is picking up the delivery pace, Just a year ago, Microsoft officials were crowing about Windows' much improved delivery cadence, Instead of rolling out a new version of Windows once every design series classic for iphone x case 2.5 to three years, the team was now on something closer to an annual rollout schedule..

One day, they're caring, sweet, forward-thinking, and, as is de rigueur these days, deeply environmentalist. The next, they're snippy, snappy, haughty, and just a little snooty. That's how Apple seemed on Tuesday after releasing an ad that purported to celebrate Earth Day but really was just one more bazooka shot in its scorched-earth strategy against Samsung. "There are some ideas we want every company to copy," sniffed the headline. Just in case you hadn't embraced the arf-arf element, the first line of the copy read, "There's one area where we encourage others to appropriate our ideas."Some might not be aware that environmentalism was a concept designed by Apple in California.

But this was a strange segue to a long ad released on Monday, in which Tim Cook himself extolled Apple's deep sincerity in design series classic for iphone x case leaving "the world in a better place than we found it."The ad was very serious, evoking a passionate commitment to the environment and the people who live in it, In that ad, Cook said: "To us, better is a force of nature."How hard, then, would it have been to be the better man on Earth Day and not use it as an opportunity to snipe at a company with which you're bickering in the courts over intellectual property?..

Yes, Apple's sense of design has been preeminent for many years. But so, at times, has its sense of righteousness. The company's inability to control itself on Earth Day might make some feel that all this environmentalism is just another platform upon which Apple slaps its competitors -- the environment thing is just business, nothing personal. At the same time, the snippy ad shows that Apple's distaste for Samsung is more than mere annoyance. There's a little fear peering from beneath the underskirts, as has been suggested in some of the e-mails released during the current court case.

Perhaps Apple might use other supposedly serious occasions to offer its own barbed expressions, like spiked Google Doodles, How about a Christmas ad that celebrates the birth of the iPhone with the headline: "The Virgin Birth, design series classic for iphone x case Why didn't Samsung think of that?"Apple's Earth Day ad, squarely aimed at Samsung, undercuts Apple's sincerity in dealing with the environment, But some may love seeing a little arrogance back in Apple's ads, You've probably had a lover like this, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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