Crystal Case For Apple iPhone X And Xs - Clear - On Sale

Protect all six sides of your iPhone X or XS with this Rokform phone case. It's designed with a magnet, letting you attach it to bike handles, refrigerators and other metal surfaces, and the hard, polycarbonate exterior guards against scratches and dents. This Rokform phone case has a soft inner layer to cushion against shocks.

On the bottom edge lays the Micro-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The back of the phone is made from plastic, but the metallic finish makes it very hard to tell it isn't metal. The back of the phone is also where you'll find the 13-megapixel camera. The camera uses a laser to focus on objects, which LG reckons allows it to lock on faster than any other phone. The laser also helps the camera to achieve a sharper focus in low-light conditions. The camera interface has been stripped down to make shooting as simple as possible.

There's a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, For selfies, obviously, The G3 is running the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat software, LG has skinned the interface quite heavily, Like the Galaxy S5, there are so many added features that the settings menu has crystal case for apple iphone x and xs - clear had to be split into four sections, Multitasking seemed trouble-free in my hands-on time, thanks to the 3GB of RAM, The interface is quite attractive, LG has used what it calls "mature" colours as background for key apps, I'm not a big fan of mustard yellow, but I'm sure some of you will like it..

The keyboard can be made bigger, which should help speed up typing on such a vast screen. You can make it smaller too, if you'd rather see more of what's on screen. Poweringall these features is a robust 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor and a3,000mAh battery. The batteryhas wireless charging capabilities and an estimated talk time of 21 hours. There are no physical navigation buttons on that golden chin, only the onscreen ones above. The speaker is around the back, unlike the front-facing noise-makers you find on HTC's One M8.

Another look at the headphone jack and Micro-USB port, I'd personally prefer the headphone port be on top, It's not the skinniest phone ever made, but it's far from fat, The back cover is removable, allowing you to swap out the battery, Asfor its memory capacity, the device has up to 32GB of internalmemory, but you can expand that up to 128GB if you have a microSD card, A closer look at the microSD card slot underneath crystal case for apple iphone x and xs - clear the battery door, LG alsothrew in a number of its signature software features, such as KnockCode, Knock Codelets you both wake and unlock your touchscreen with a customizable tappingmotion..

The Korean electronics conglomerate on Tuesday introduced the G3, its latest flagship smartphone, in a massive global unveiling. The point of the six-city launch event: to demonstrate that LG and the G3 should be considered in the same stratus as Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S franchises. For LG, having a hit smartphone is critical to its mission of raising its profile in the eyes of consumers, creating a "halo effect" that benefits its wide range of other products, from washing machines to televisions. Having long played second fiddle to Korean rival Samsung Electronics, LG hopes to break through with the G3.

The G3 isn't a revolutionary product -- even by the company's own admission -- but it addresses some of the key weaknesses of the G2 and adds a genuinely cool laser-guided autofocus, There's the usual upgrades too: a larger, clearer display and crystal case for apple iphone x and xs - clear the speediest processor available from Qualcomm, CNET talked to Dr, Ramchan Woo, head of LG's mobile platform planning division, about the creation of the G3, The following is an edited transcript of our email conversation, Q: In creating the G3, what was the general theme or approach you used?..

Woo: Our general approach was to stick with the game plan we started in G2, but work on some of the areas which received the most critical feedback, such as the plastic back cover and the [user interface]. G3 is a work of evolution; it couldn't have happened without G2. How much were you influenced by how other smartphones such as the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One?. Of course we look at all the competition out there but there wasn't any one aspect that we were trying to emulate. Every phone has its pluses and minuses, but nothing out there is perfect.

The camera continues to be an important feature for consumers, yet you didn't change it too much, Why?, We kept the camera pretty much as is, since people said that was what they loved about the G2, We added software stabilization in OIS+ for G Pro 2 , which we carried over in the G3, We don't think more megapixels is the only way to improve a camera, so we decided to focus on other areas, The biggest negative feedback we got about the G2's camera was the speed of focusing so we made that our top priority, We came up with the laser idea [the G3 uses a laser to measure the distance to the camera's subject] from our home appliance company, where the engineers were testing lasers as part of the robot vacuum cleaner's camera, We took that idea and implemented it as a way to speed up focus time, We can do crystal case for apple iphone x and xs - clear this type of "holistic" R&D because of our diverse business interests, not many smartphone manufacturers can..

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