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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) - the most heavily shorted U.S. company - is set to report quarterly results on Wednesday, and short-sellers could be dealt a nearly $850 million loss or gain, depending on the direction of the post-earnings stock move. Short-sellers aim to profit by selling borrowed shares with the hope of buying them back later at a lower price. The electric carmaker, which is rapidly burning cash and struggling to turn a profit, is a favorite target for shorts. About 35 million shares, or roughly 28 percent of Tesla’s free float, are currently sold short, pegging the short interest at $10.53 billion, according to financial analytics firm S3 Partners.

Based on the price of weekly Tesla options contracts set to expire on Friday, traders in the options market expect the shares to swing by about 8 percent after the company reports results, A move of that magnitude to the upside would mean that short-sellers would rack up about $842.6 million in on-paper losses, while they would make as much in on-paper gains if the share reaction is negative, according to S3 data, Headed into the results, short-sellers, who came in for a good deal of pain 3d bb-8 cufflinks in the second-quarter as Tesla shares soared 29 percent, helped by encouraging production-related news, have shown little inclination to tweak their bets on the carmaker..

“There has been virtually no net change in shares shorted in over a week,” said Ihor Dusaniwsky, head of research at S3 in New York. “Although short-sellers’ conviction in Tesla’s longer term performance is solid with no significant short covering since the end of June when Tesla hit its year-to-date highs, I haven’t seen a rush to short more shares in anticipation of weak results,” he said. Tesla’s post-earnings reaction will also decide whether short-sellers, who are down $170.9 million in mark-to-market losses for 2018, turn a profit or go $1 billion in the red, according to S3 data.

PARIS/ZURICH/LONDON (Reuters) - Sanofi (SASY.PA) and Novartis (NOVN.S) said on Wednesday they planned to increase stockpiles of medicines in Britain in preparation for potential disruption if the UK crashes out of the European Union without a deal, At the same time the European Medicines Agency, which oversees drug safety across the bloc, warned of bigger than expected staff losses and cuts in some activities as a result of having to move from London to Amsterdam due to Brexit, 3d bb-8 cufflinks Europe’s equivalent of the U.S, Food and Drug Administration now expects to lose around 30 percent of its workforce as it prepares to relocate by March 2019..

The announcements show how the highly regulated pharmaceuticals sector is feeling the impact of Britain’s looming departure from the EU. The moves by Sanofi and Novartis follow similar action by AstraZeneca (AZN.L), which said last month it would increase stockpiles of drugs that could be affected by Brexit by around 20 percent. Roche (ROG.S), the world’s biggest maker of cancer medicines, also said it was taking “appropriate action” to review its stock levels in order to protect supplies to patients.

Britain’s largest drugmaker, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L), said last week it was taking steps to secure the supply of its medicines and vaccines ahead of the UK’s departure from the EU, without going into details, Supplies of thousands of medicines are at risk of disruption if Britain 3d bb-8 cufflinks leaves the EU without a deal, forcing manufacturers to prepare duplicate product testing and licensing arrangements to ensure their drugs stay on the market, More than 2,600 drugs have some stage of manufacture in Britain and 45 million patient packs are supplied from the UK to other European countries each month, while another 37 million flow in the opposite direction, industry figures show..

Leading drugmakers have long been vocal in their concerns about Brexit and the need for the pharmaceuticals sector to stay within the European regulatory system. British lawmakers have also called for an agreement that allows the country to have continued participation in the European medicines regulatory framework, but it remains unclear how this will play out in the broader EU negotiations. Sanofi said it was confident its stockpiling measures would ensure British patients had access to its treatments after Britain leaves the EU, regardless of whether a deal over its future relations with the bloc is in place.

“The uncertainty in the Brexit negotiations means 3d bb-8 cufflinks that Sanofi has always been planning for a no deal scenario,” a spokesman with the French drugmaker said in an emailed statement, “We have made arrangements for additional warehouse capacity in order to stockpile our products in the UK and increase UK-based resources to prepare for any changes to customs or regulatory processes.”, Novartis said it planned to hold increased inventories in Britain across its portfolio of medicines from both Novartis itself and Sandoz, the Swiss company’s generic drugs division..

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